Join the Alaska Cannabis Club today!

Join the Alaska Cannabis Club today!

How Alaska Cannabis Club can help :

The Alaska Cannabis Club is doing what no other organization has ever done. The Club’s business model finds a perfect balancing act with Alaska’s Medical Marijuana laws, Alaska’s constitutional protections and current local and state marijuana laws factored in. Alaska Cannabis Club is a PRIVATE organization serving the needs of Alaska’s cannabis community.

The Alaska Cannabis Clubhouse offers Club members a secure location in downtown Anchorage where there is a wide variety of cannabis that Club members are welcome to consume inside of the Clubhouse.

THE ALASKA CANNABIS CLUB DOES NOT DISTRIBUTE MARIJUANA. But, the club does connect medical marijuana cardholders in need to medical marijuana cardholders with green.

Represent & Join the Alaska Cannabis Club:

Get a shirt today to show your support. Let people know you’re a part of the team by wearing one of our custom designed shirts. Be sure to check out the Alaska Cannabis Club membership information (shown below) as well!

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Cannabis Consultation:

Every potential Club member will have an initial face-to-face meeting with an Alaska Cannabis Club consultant before any services are offered. This will allow the Alaska Cannabis Club to verify the validity of each customer’s identity. This also allows the consultant to discern the needs of the client and to create an individualized “treatment” plan to maximize the Alaska Cannabis Club’s effectiveness.

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Cannabis Connection:

Our most popular service for *MEDICAL marijuana cardholders. The Alaska Cannabis Clubhouse Dispensary will not be open until Alaska’s new marijuana laws take effect in early 2015. Until then, verified MEDICAL marijuana patients will have access to exclusive events designed to connect medical marijuana patients in need to growers seeking to become caregivers.

No client or Club member’s identity or medical status will ever be shared.


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Cannabis Cultivation :

Alaska Cannabis Club believes in the “Power of the Flower”. The Club offers educational courses and cannabis grow services to all Club members. Through group courses and one-on-one sessions, cultivation consultants offer services and packages that include:

  • Tips & tricks to maximize yield
  • Cannabis grow maintenance
  • Initial grow setup
  • Initial setup and maintenance for an entire grow cyle.