Best CBD Oil for Back Pain

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1 in 5 people suffers from chronic pain in the US. About a third of these sufferers have turned to a CBD oil product to ease their symptoms. If you’ve tried this strategy to manage inflammation or arthritis, your results might have been mixed or inconsistent.

If you’ve never tried this treatment before, it can be overwhelming to sift through the seemingly endless list of product offerings out there and find one that is effective. We’ve looked at hundreds of options and narrowed the field down to a list of the 5 best CBD oils for pain.

You can click here to get to the list of our best CBD oil choices for muscle aches or continue reading to learn more about what it is, how it works and what you should be looking for as you shop.

What is CDB?

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is made from cannabis. It’s classified as a cannabinoid, which is a chemical compound found in the plant. It doesn’t create the psychoactive “high” that THC is associated with, however. That feeling of being “stoned” is caused by THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), another cannabinoid.

When CBD oil used for medical conditions, including inflammation, acne or depression, the cannabinoids are extracted from the plant as either a hemp oil or powder. Then the extracted ingredients get blended with a gel or cream that can either be rubbed on the skin topically, vaped or ingested.

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Best Topical vs. Ingested CBD Oil

Topical ointments derived from hemp don’t enter the bloodstream, and this allows the effects to be concentrated on a singular area, more at the dermal and surface levels of the body. These types of formulations are typically used for stiff muscles, aching joints or skin conditions.

Oral ingestion allows the compounds to enter the bloodstream. The organic hemp product ingredients can react with the body’s internal mechanisms, including brain receptors for cannabinoids that interact with the brain, the immune system, and the central nervous system. Though the effects may be slower, they can also be more significant and long-lasting. It’s also the easiest and most convenient delivery method.

Oral ingestion can be through a full spectrum liquid, capsule, powder or edible. For speed and maximum absorption, we typically recommend water soluble softgels as the best CBD delivery vehicle, such as the high quality products we’ve listed in our review. Vaping your CBD oil is very effective for absorption, but some people cant inhale even the best CBD vape juice.

Inhalation also known as vaping is also an option, but for the purpose of this review, we will focus on oral full spectrum CBD solutions only.

Patented CBD Oil Formula

How Does It Work?

The body produces some cannabinoids on its own, which means we are also equipped with receptors for them in the brain. We have two cannabinoid receptors, aptly named CB1 and CB2:

  1. CB1 influences movement and coordination, pain, mood, memories, thinking, and appetite.
  1. CB2 is linked to the immune system and affects both spasms and inflammation.

It was originally thought that CBD attached to these brain receptors to perform the necessary functions, but new evidence has emerged supporting the theory that instead of attaching to the brain’s receptors, it helps the body produce and utilize more of its naturally occurring endocannabinoids.

Choosing the Right CBD Oil Product For your symptoms

Because this class of CBD products has not gone through the FDA approval processes, they’re not regulated for purity and dosage like medications prescribed by your doctor. This means you should be extra diligent in your selection process and buy from companies that are honest, reputable and provide a high-quality product. Some products might have more or less concentrated cannabinoids than what is listed on the label, which can make dosing and monitoring the effectiveness of a treatment more challenging.

There are inconsistencies in quality among any natural product, and CBD is no exception. Still, we recommend shopping around and looking for companies that stand by the quality and accuracy of their products.

How CBD Oil Helps with Back and Arthritis Pain

There is a close link between inflammation and cannabinoids help to address both. When it comes to arthritis, this connection is even stronger. The reason is that one of the most common forms of arthritis (RA or rheumatoid arthritis) is caused by an attack on the immune system, commonly referred to as an autoimmune disorder. This happens when the immune system begins attacking its own tissues causing an inflammatory response that manifests as a painful sensation.

Because hemp oil products have naturally occurring anti-inflammatory properties, they provide a solution for a safe and effective natural pain reliever.

Pain is also a response to nerve irritation, and these products can help alter the brain’s chemistry and neurological responses to subdue or limit the sensation of discomfort.

CBD has other significant and noticeable solutions that further its appeal and has contributed to its popularity as an alternative medical treatment for a variety of ailments:

  • It’s a safe alternative to dangerous and highly addictive opioids. The world is undergoing an opioid crisis with addiction and fatalities out of control. The world desperately needs a better option to address chronic pain conditions.
  • It has limited side effects. The most commonly reported side effects are nausea, sleeping issues, and mild irritability. Compared to prescription medications, this is a vast improvement.
  • It’s also beneficial in treating insomnia, which is a nearly universal complaint among people suffering from painful conditions or diseases.
  • Hemp-based items are widely available, relatively inexpensive, and don’t require a doctor’s visit or a prescription.

Choosing the Best Hemp Oil

The lack of organic product regulation among this class of goods can create a “buyer beware” scenario. Stories abound of inaccurately labeled products, unprincipled manufacturers, and false claims that sound too good to be true.

As you navigate the diverse landscape of organic hemp-derived solutions on the internet, you’ll come across a dizzying array of options, so we’ll provide some key features to look for to know that you’re getting a quality product. Or just stick to our list of favorites.

Keep in mind that the products we are discussing do not contain any THC. At the time of publication, CBD oil derived from hemp and containing THC is only legal for recreational use in 10 states and the District of Columbia. Even within the “legal” states, there are still restrictions on concentrations that can be legally sold for recreational use. There are 30 states in the US that have passed legislation for using marijuana and THC-based items for medical applications.

To be inclusive of all states and laws, we have therefore limited our list to full spectrum hemp-derived products, which can be shipped legally to all 50 states.

  • Buy American Made Full Spectrum Hemp Products


Hemp that is grown and harvested in the USA have strict regulations that may or may not exist in other countries. A major concern has to do with heavy metals, which can build up in the body and become toxic or disease-inducing. If the organic hemp crops are grown in an industrialized area or in a nation without regulations for the presence of heavy metals, you run the risk of having these dangerous compounds build up in your system.

We recommend using American-made brands, which have more stringent regulations and safer growing and refining practices. Europe also practices safe practices, and many of this continent’s offerings are grown organically.

  • Avoid Brands Making Health Claims


If you see a label that says the product cures a disease, eliminates pain or makes any other type of medical claim, steer clear. These types of claims are illegal, as they haven’t been studied or endorsed by regulatory commissions. If a company is making these claims, they shouldn’t be trusted. Read review of the best CBD Oil product below.


  • Steer Clear of Extra Ingredients You may see additives included in the product, and these can be harmful especially if you’re ingesting them. If you’re consuming it orally, avoid anything flavored and steer clear of thinning agents such as polyethylene glycol and propylene glycol.


  • Look for Bioavailability, Particularly Nanotechnology


Like any health solution designed for medical use, there are bound to be innovations and scientific discoveries that make the original version better than ever. Nanotechnology is one of the current buzzwords making the rounds in the medical literature, and its use has now spread to CBD oil.

It works by reducing the size of particles, allowing them to enter the bloodstream. The effect is greater absorption and, therefore, a more pronounced effect. Our number one brand recommendation, Nutracetix, was an early adopter of this technology, and scientists believe that within a few years, most cannabis products will utilize this advancement.

Our Top 5 CBD Oil Reviews for Back Pain and Arthritis

organic water soluble CBD softgels

  1. Nutracetix

Nutracetix and Joy Organics come in as our best choice due to its cutting-edge use of nanotechnology to enhance absorption and bioavailability. At the end of the day, only a water soluble CBD product is effective when taken orally. Even using the best cbd product, if it is non-water soluble, 90% is destroyed in your stomach before it can be absorbed into your system.

Both of these quality reviewed products are absorbed up to 20x more than traditional CBD like oil based tinctures, capsules and edibles. It’s really a no brainer when proven science shows you most of the traditional CBD products are destroyed in the stomach with hardly any benefit, unless you take much higher amounts.

It’s also fast-acting and naturally derived without synthetics. In addition to helping with pain, it can also potentially improve sleep, and that’s a huge benefit. They also make the top rated CBD gummies according to the association of retailers.

  1. Verified CBD Review

This brand offers an oil with the same concentration of organic product as Nutracetix, but they have a wider selection of items, including varieties with lower concentrations. If you’re a pet owner, they also make animal treats that can help with stress and anxiety, especially during storms and other loud noises.

Another reason we love this brand is that they publish the lab results from each batch on their website, which allows you to verify the compound’s concentration. They also use ingredients derived from best CBD sources and completely avoid the use of synthetics.

The policy of free shipping both in the USA and around the world is also helpful to reduce the cost of using the product. If you’re looking for a high-value option at a reasonable price point, then this brand is an excellent choice.

  1. NuLeaf Naturals Review

This brand of CBD oil is more expensive than other hemp products on the market, but it does come with an authenticated organic certification. There are lower priced varieties with lower concentrations, but if you’re looking for a pain-based solution, the higher concentrations are going to provide the best results.

The therapeutic hemp plants are all grown in Colorado, which is fast-becoming the marijuana capital of the nation. The plants are from the Cannabis Sativa variety and grown using organic and sustainable farming techniques and principles.

The best CBD oil is extracted using a CO2 extraction system, which allows for the isolation of the compound without using heat or solvents. This allows for the full spectrum of hemp ingredients to remain in the product.

NuLeaf’s concentrations are confirmed by a third-party lab called Steep Hill, based in Berkeley, California. However, unlike Verified CBD, their lab results are not readily available on their website. Instead, you have to contact the company directly to see the results from a batch.

  1. Elixinol Review

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, and Elixinol has perfected their CBD oil game. They’ve been in the industry since 1991, leading the way for other entrants. They’ve also had a massive head start, which has allowed them to expand their offering and provide a solution for every possible preference. They even have water-soluble powders if you like to drink your CBD like you would a greens-powdered concoction!

Elixinol also offers some of the highest concentrations on the market, including a 5000mg concentration made exclusively for the Brazil market. There are some additives on their list of ingredients, which is why it’s not on the top of our list but given its awards for purity and reputation for using premium hemp plants, we’re okay with this small tradeoff.

  1. CBDistillery Review

This is another Colorado brand that aims to make hemp oil for pain a more mainstream solution for chronic sufferers. Their products are more affordable given the value and concentrations as well, making CBDistillery a more accessible option, and a great place to start if you haven’t tried this product before.

There are a variety of concentrations to choose from, though the manufacturer recommends the higher spectrum of concentrations for back pain and arthritis. They also readily provide lab results for each batch, which verifies the concentration of each compound while ruling out the presence of THC.


CBD oil offers new hope for chronic pain sufferers. If you’ve been dealing with a condition for months or years, you’ve probably tried everything. This option is a risk-free alternative with limited to no side effects. You may even enjoy a sense of calm and peace after trying the best CBD products.