How To Sleep Better Using CBD Oil?

We all have our reasons why we aren’t sleeping well. The blatantly obvious truth is that if we aren’t getting the sleep we need, our mental and physical health begins to suffer.

Say goodbye to your productivity because you’ll be feeling groggy from your utter lack of sleep.

The last thing you want to be doing is feeling fatigued when hanging out with loved ones and trying to struggle through the workday.

Unless you do something to fix it, and extra cups of coffee aren’t the answer.

The truth is, we all need sleep. It’s one of life’s beautiful essentials. When we aren’t getting the sleep we need, our health mental and physical health begins to suffer.

If you are one of the hundreds of thousands of people who suffer from the life-crushing effects of insomnia, you have probably tried every trick, medication and therapy in the book.

You may have heard of cannabidiol as it has been rapidly growing in popularity thanks to continued research into its natural health benefits, but did you know that CBD oil can also help you sleep?

Whether you suffer from intense insomnia that is taking over your life, or you are an occasional sufferer of sleepless nights, CBD oil can help. cannabidiol has been shown to help combat sleep disorder and help you get the sleep you need and deserve.

This article will help give you a better understand of what CBD is, how it is used and how it can help you.

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cbd for sleep and insomnia

Insomnia-The Bane of Our Existence

Insomnia is the term used to cover a wide variety of sleep issues and if you are someone who suffers from it, the word itself likely creates a visceral sense doom and despair.

The effects of sleeplessness or poor sleep can have profound effects on your quality of life and health. If you suffer from any form of sleep problem you may experience:

-Trouble making it through your day due to excessive sleepiness

-Difficulty with focusing, paying attention and remembering information

-Feelings of anxiousness, irritability and depression

-Increased accidents and errors

The cause of insomnia can be complex and difficult to pinpoint. For this reason, treatment for this disorder can be difficult to discern.

Sleep disorders have become big business in the pharmaceutical world. Billions of dollars are being spent on prescription drugs to help treat this soul sucking disorder.

The problem with common sleep drugs is that they have dangerous side effects that can have detrimental effects on our lives.

What if there was an all-natural treatment that could help cure sleeplessness without the dangerous side effects associated with prescription drug use? There is!  CBD oil may be the answer that insomniacs have been looking for.

What is CBD and How Can it Help Me with My Sleep Problem?

Before you jump into looking for the best cannabidiol  for sleep, it is important to understand what hemp is and how it works.

There are many misconceptions about hemp because of its origin being from the cannabis plant.

Cannabis, more commonly referred to as medical marijuana, has a long standing reputation for being one of the most popular recreational drugs thanks to its ability to induce a high.

In more recent years, however, cannabis is growing its role in the health and wellness world thanks to a greater understanding of the use of cannabidiol, or CBD.

The cannabis plant has over 100 active compounds present, one of them being cannabidiol. It is important to note that the compound that gives marijuana its high is tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC.

CBD does not contain THC, therefore there is no high associated with the use of it.

Continued research into CBD has shown that there are many health benefits that can be reaped by consuming it, including insomnia treatment.

With over 100 different cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant, not all of them produce the same effects when ingested. For this reason, it is important to keep the high-inducing thc component.

CBD, along with some other cannabinoids are naturally produced by the body’s endocannabinoid system, or ECS. The receptors in our body for cannabinoids are most related to the neurological and immune systems.

THC does not activate these receptors in our bodies to the same extent that THC does, therefore no high is produced according to our best CBD oil reviews.

So, how can hemp extract help for sleep?

Researchers have shown that the endocannabinoid system is involved in maintaining your circadian sleep-wake schedule.

Your circadian rhythm is essentially your body’s internal clock which balances your feelings of sleepiness and alertness throughout the day.

In a perfect world, you are sleeping all night and feeling rested and alert during the day.

This balance is what all insomnia sufferers are trying to achieve.

CBD interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system to help regulate your sleep/wake cycles. Sleeping pills, on the other hand, simply knock you out for a few hours and then leave you feeling groggy and lethargic when you wake.

While research into CBD oil and sleep are still new and developing, research has shown that high doses of the compound can help increase your overall sleep time. Additionally, lower doses of CBD throughout the day can also have an affect on your alertness.

Your body type can also affect how well you sleep. Weight loss can be helpful in reducing insomnia and sleepless nights. In fact, CBD for weight loss is something that has been thoroughly studied and has been found very useful.

CBD has been proven to help treat pain and anxiety, which are two of the leading causes of sleep disorders.

CBD For Sleep: The Most Common Sleeping Disorders

In your quest for the best CBD oil for sleep, it is important that you first understand what is keeping you from sleeping at night and how cannabidiol can help combat it.

The most common causes of insomnia are:


-REM disorder

-Chronic pain – pain can be an obvious cause of insomnia and sleeplesness. CBD cream for pain can ease the symptoms while also providing a more restful sleep.


-Restless leg syndrome

-Excessive sleepiness during the day

If you suffer from any one of these aliments, you can find a hemp oil that helps you to treat the root of the problem and help you achieve better sleep and overall wellness.

CBD oil for anxiety symptoms is highly regarded, being that anxiety often contributes to insomnia or inability to sleep well it would make sense that CBD is useful for sleep.

How is CBD Oil Used?                 

Once CBD is extracted from the hemp plant, there are many ways in which it can be ingested or applied. You preferred method is a matter of personal preference.

Tinctures: This is one of the most common ways to consume CBD oil. Tincture drops are placed under the tongue.

-Edibles: CBD can be added to food or drink and consumed that way.

-Topical: Lotions, salves and balms can be applied directly to the skin and absorbed.

-Vapor: Similar to E-cigs, cannabidiol can be inhaled through vape pens.

Determining the amount of CBD oil that you need in order to achieve best results will depend on personal factors such as your weight and tolerance. It is recommended that you start with the smallest dosage of hemp and work your way up until you achieve the desired benefits.

Side Effects of CBD Oil

If you are looking to solve your sleep problems by using cannabidiol, it is important that you are aware of the possible side effects and risks involved with using CBD.

Overall, CBD has very little adverse side effects as it is an all-natural treatment derived from the hemp plant.

That being said, every quality product has risks and it is important that you discuss your plans to use CBD with your doctor prior to beginning a new sleep regimen.

Some of the most common side effects include:


-Dry mouth

-Decreased blood pressure

-Nausea and vomiting


Is CBD Oil Legal?

CBD oil is currently legal in all 50 states, however, there are many gray areas, so it is important that you check with your state’s specific laws as there are some cases in which CBD is not legal.

Thanks to continued research and information regarding the health benefits of CBD use, we are moving in the right direction of having CBD fully legalized for consumption across the country.

Best CBD Oils for Sleep

Now that you understand what cannabis extract is, how it is used and how it can help you battle your insomnia, what is the best CBD oil for falling asleep?

Not all CBD oils are created equal. While searching for the best CBD oils for sleep that works best for you, consider the following:

-Testing: Make sure that the CBD oil you choose is thoroughly tested through a third-party for purity and concentration.Most websites upload their reports for consumers to read. Any product not showing their test results is misleading the public

-Cost: Determine what your budget is and home much you are willing to spend on CBD oil for sleep.

-Height and Weight: The optimal extract dosage will depend on your physical height and weight, so it is important to keep that in mind when choosing a CBD oil.

-Flavor: There are many flavors of CBD gummies  you can choose from to make ingesting CBD more pleasant. Gummies can be extremely helpful for those suffering from insomnia. It is easy to keep a bottle of gummies right next to your bed!

-Reputable seller: It seems that cannabidiol  sellers are cropping up everywhere nowadays, both online and in store. Make sure you do your research and find a reputable seller with high quality products and customer service.

The process of finding the best cannabis extract for sleep is highly individual. The solution that works for you may be completely different from what works for someone else.

Your best shot for finding the best cannabidiol for sleep is to determine the root cause of your insomnia, your optimal dosage amount and preferred ingestion method.

Determining these factors, and doing a bit of trial and error, will help you find an oil that suits your lifestyle and needs.

If you are ready end the viscous cycle of insomnia, and dreading going to bed at night only to know that you will lay awake tossing and turning, click here to find the best CBD oil for sleep!

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