Top Bath Bombs With CBD

CBD products are more popular than ever, with more and more options from a wide range of manufacturers hitting the market all the time. While it’s great that everyone now has a wide selection to choose from, the process of shopping for the right cannabidiol product can quickly become an overwhelming experience because the market has become so saturated.

These days, you can find your traditional CBD oil tincture, as well as loads of other items that contain cannabidiol oil. And one product, in particular, could be just what you’re looking for if you are hoping to soothe your mind and body in a manner that will truly relax you from head to toe: bath bombs.

That’s right, you can use CBD bath bombs to bathe yourself in the benefits of cannabidiol. How incredible does that sound?

Benefits of Using CBD Bath Bombs?

You already know that CBD can provide a host of benefits, like stress and anxiety reduction, pain reduction, and skin clearing benefits, to name just a few. But when you can use a bath bomb that is infused with CBD oil, you can derive these benefits in a manner that’s different from your usual tincture and edibles that you ingest or creams that you put on your skin.

  • Bath bombs create a spa-like environment

Taking a warm bath is relaxing on its own, but to really take it to a spa-like level, drop a bath bomb into the water. And if that bath bomb contains CBD, you can expect ultimate relaxation. After all, CBD can help relieve stress, depression, and anxiety. So the cannabidiol basically makes your bath a therapeutic experience, in addition to a cleansing one.

  • CBD can help reduce inflammation

One of the biggest reasons why people turn to CBD is because it can act as an anti-inflammatory. And because inflammation is associated with a host of conditions, reducing it is wise. With a CBD bath bomb, you can get those anti-inflammatory benefits in the form of a warm bath, and it’s even believed that the heat helps boost the positive effects of the cannabidiol.

With a bath bomb, you can soak your entire body in warm water that becomes infused with CBD. Your body will then be able to absorb it easily and quickly through your skin and into your body. Your muscles can relax, your mind can calm down, your pain can be reduced, and skin conditions like eczema can be also be relieved.

  • A CBD bath can help you get better sleep

Another common reason why people use cannabidiol products is because they want to improve their sleep. If you are having trouble falling asleep and/or staying asleep each night, using a high-quality CBD oil might be exactly what you need.

For a lot of people, taking a warm bath at the end of the evening is a great way to unwind and prepare for bed. With the addition of a CBD bath bomb, you can then make the bath even more effective when it comes to helping you get ready to sleep all night long and wake up refreshed.

What Are The Best CBD Bath Bomb Brands?

Again, there are so many different sellers offering cannabidiol products these days, so sorting through all of them to find the highest quality options can be daunting. To help you out, we have compiled a brief list of some of the top brands to check out when you are ready to shop for bath bombs that contain cannabidiol oil.


PureKana is a company that sells various CBD products, including oils, capsules, topicals, gummies, and, yes, bath bombs. They recommend their bath bombs when you want to get your CBD without taking it orally. When placed in your bath, a bath bomb will deliver cannabidiol as a whole body topical treatment.

There are several bath bombs to choose from, including almond and coconut, midnight rose, activated charcoal, cucumber, and eucalyptus. Each PureKana bath bomb boasts 50 mg of cannabidiol. All you have to do is drop it into your warm bath water and then soak in it for about 30 minutes.

Here are some things we like about PureKana:

  • They use the CO2 extraction method to get the CBD oil from organic hemp that is grown in Kentucky.
  • Their bath bombs are cruelty free, and they do not contain any harsh chemicals or preservatives.
  • They have third-party lab reports so you can check the quality and purity of their products.


Another top brand that sells high-quality CBD products is cbdMD. In addition to their tinctures, gummies, topicals, capsules, and sleep aids, you can also purchase bath bombs. These are available in various fragrances, such as eucalyptus, lavender, and frankincense, and each bath bomb boasts 100 mg of broad spectrum CBD.

All you have to do is drop one of these bath bombs into some warm water, and then soak in the water for about 30 minutes to reap the benefits that it can provide to your whole body.

Here are a few of the reasons we like this brand:

  • Their products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • They use non-GMO hemp that is grown in the United States.
  • They provide third-party lab reports so you can confirm their products’ quality and purity.

Kush Queen

This company offers products that contain only CBD, as well as those that are infused with THC too, so be sure to read through the details carefully to ensure you can legally purchase a product, particularly if it contains any THC. Bath bombs are one of their product lines, but you can also find topicals, tinctures, and chews.

Once you’re in the Kush Queen online shop, you’ll quickly realize that they have a lot of bath bombs to choose from. You can find bath bombs for pain relief, better sleep, and so much more. And you can choose from various doses, such as 25 mg, 100 mg, and 200 mg of CBD.

What we like about this brand:

  • Their Hemp CBD Bath Bombs are THC free.
  • Their bath bombs contain CBD isolate that has been sourced in the U.S.
  • They use a third-party testing lab to ensure their quality.

Ready to Relax with a CBD Bath Bomb?

If you’re ready to experience ultimate relaxation in your own tub, be sure to purchase some high-quality CBD bath bombs. You might never want to take another bath without these bath bombs after you see how wonderful they make you feel.