Koi CBD Review: Do They Live Up To The Hype?

Koi CBD is one of the big names in the CBD industry right now and it isn’t hard to see why. In the beginning back in 2016 anyone doing a review of Koi CBD products would have been finished pretty quick as there were only two flavors and an additive. However, they haven’t become a big name by standing still, they’ve become a big name among vape pen users by innovating along the way and becoming one of the largest and most trusted brands within the CBD vaping community.

There are many good options out there to reap the health benefits of CBD, but this Koi review is all about separating the marketing from the hype and taking a good look at what they bring to the table for your average CBD-loving vaper.

Looking at the Options

One of the things that jumps out immediately is that unlike many companies the options aren’t based on published flavors but on identifying “colors.” So White Koi, Gold Koi, etc. This can be a bit intimidating if you have never tried their products before but fortunately they are popular enough that you should have no problem figuring out which flavors each are or which are flavorless. Here is another brand PureKana to check out that we reviewed similar to Koi.

Each comes in small solid 30mL glass bottles that include an eye dropper for easy delivery as you make your favorite vaping blends. Currently as of this writing they offer:

– White Koi

– Red Koi

– Gold Koi

– Jade Koi

– Blue Koi

– Pink Koi

While they can be bought individually there are often many combo packs or variety packs that also give you more options to enjoy your Koi flavors or blends.

White Koi Review

White Koi is their flavorless additive. This is great for blending with nicotine-free e-liquids or if you want to vape straight CBD oil and don’t want any additional flavors thrown into the mix. As with many “flavorless” mixtures it’s not completely without taste but it is very mild, no additives, and it is going to be indiscernible when mixed with other things, which is what you’re looking for.

Red Koi Review

Red Koi is basically the strawberry milkshake flavor to add to e-liquid. This is smooth, creamy, and it was one of the most popular options when first released, showing what was possible in the CBD oil space. It still is extremely popular for vapers who love that sweet flavor and anyone who likes that strawberries & cream taste. Koi won’t let you down in that department.

Gold Koi Review

Have you ever wanted a vanilla caramel custard flavor for your vaporizer? Well chances are you are going to be a pretty big fan of the Gold Koi then. Getting major points not only for the strong on point flavors, but also for the smooth way it blends into an mixture for a good vaping experience. One of the better Koi CBD products out there and that really is saying something.

Jade Koi Review

This is for the sour candy fans who still want a touch of sweetness. Featuring a watermelon and sour green apple combination that works well together, this is a flavor that many new competitors have copied due to its popularity. If you want a taste of the original that many are trying to copy, here it is. This one is for sweet and sour balance – if you really like tart then consider the Pink Koi as a better option.

Pink Koi Review

Shooting for the taste you get from a glass of freshly squeeze pink lemonade (not the oversweet powder stuff), this one is all about the summer and the right amount of crisp sweet taste being added to your CBD vaping experience. This is a popular option and it would be easy to see this become one of the most popular options available in the future.

Blue Koi Review

Obviously you can’t have multiple CBD oil flavors without blue raspberry snaking its way in. Blue Koi’s take on this flavor is interesting. While it has the familiar sweetness there’s also a little bit of exotic dragonfruit added with gives a flavor that is less tangy, more thick, and a more interesting blend that really stands apart from anything else on the market.

What Does Koi Do Well?

CBD capsules

Koi has earned a well-deserved reputation for being very measured with its innovations to make sure each one is solid. They didn’t throw out 50 flavors onto the market like so many other companies did, but they put out a few at a time, always making sure to craft something that was high quality, interesting, and unique. That combination has worked really well for them and helps to maintain the trust that they have built with the CBD buying public over all this time. They are going to have quality products.

What Areas Can Koi Improve On?

While there’s a lot to love about Koi there are certain areas where other providers do a little bit better. Whenever you go mass production there is a chance of more going wrong and operations like Joy Organics CBD might not be able to create the same number of tinctures however they stay more hands on throughout the entire process which allows them to be able to more fully control the high level of quality of every single ingredient through every single step of the process, something that can’t be done when you hand even one part of the process off to someone else.

So What’s The Verdict?

While there’s a lot to like about what Koi CBD brings to the table, and they have earned their spot on the top of the Totem pole, so to speak, but there are some areas of improvement. There are certain areas where Joy Organics CBD really does it better. Concentrating on amazing absorption that is wholesome, doesn’t have addictive additives, and gives the best experience while vaping, while there’s no shame in being a fan of Koi CBD you really are missing out if you don’t give Joy Organics a chance.

While the marketing for Joy Organics might not be as flashy that dedication to making sure every ingredient is health friendly, organic, and only the highest quality for the best possible CBD vaping experience.