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liquid CBD tinctures for anxiety

Relief from anxiety can come in a small bottle of tincture of CBD oil, creams, or even edibles, but many people have no idea of its many benefits. No one deserves to suffer the ill effects of stress, worry or burdensome concerns, but it takes knowledge to understand the available options. Throughout history, people have needed relief from excessive nervousness, apprehension and fear. Cannabidiol has provided it for centuries, and it still offers the same solace and comfort for contemporary needs.

Considering CBD For Societal Anxieties

Anxiety disorders create problems for about 40 million Americans, according to Medical News Today. They rank as the single most common group of mental illnesses that affect the population, marking their level of seriousness. Remarkably, only a little more than 36 percent of people who have the disorder seek or receive treatment for it. The American Psychological Association recognizes indications of the condition as feelings of “tension, worried thoughts and physical changes such as increased blood pressure.” Ancient peoples sensed danger from predators that set off alarms and propelled them into taking evasive action. Then as now, the human body responds to alarms with increased heartbeat, sweating and a greater awareness of the surroundings, conditions that CBD oil for anxiety can ease.

While the predators posed a great danger to ancient ancestors with their massive size and strength, today’s monsters produce no less of an effect. The threats that cause an anxiety disorder create a rush of Adrenalin that triggers reactions from work, health issues, family life concerns and money among other equally powerful life events. Physical dangers in prehistoric times made people experience a “flight or fight” syndrome that may seem easy to understand. The anxieties that people have in contemporary society present equally real and valid reactions, and awareness of the effectiveness of CBD can produce hope for a brighter outlook.

Finding Potency in Small Doses

Researchers at the Harvard Medical School confirm that cannabidiol oils contain active components that can relieve pain, and researchers know that they can provide relief from anxiety as well without producing any intoxicating effects. While information about the uses of the oil remain in the early stages of discovery, enough evidence exists to suggest that it can help people enjoy relief from the reactions to anxious circumstances.

The potency of tinctures allows them to require only a small bottle of the concentrated liquid and a dropper top to dispense it. The area under the tongue has great absorption capabilities, and it allows the tincture to proceed directly into the bloodstream. Without going through the digestive process, it can deliver its powerful relief more quickly. The tinctures of the oil of CBD that can bring relief come from the buds and flowers of the hemp plant.

Discovering an Unknown Use

Hemp has served many useful purposes for thousands of years but none may seem as valuable to people in the hectic and stress-filled world of the 21st century as a tincture. Archeologists found clothing remnants of hemp cloth in Mesopotamia, now Iraq and Iran, dating to 8,000 B.C. Sailing ships in the Middle Ages depended on its fiber for ropes that resisted salt water and had more strength than cotton. Over the centuries, people have used it for food, paper, paints, inks, Levi’s jeans, artistic canvases and even the paper that contains the American Declaration of Independence. Not until the 1940s did anyone find that it contained cannabidiol. A team of researchers at the University of Illinois led by Dr. Roger Adams discovered it about 20 years before anyone identified THC.

Unlike some marijuana extracts, it produces no high. It improves the way that you feel not by making you intoxicated but by relieving the psychological discomfort that you experience. THC, the principal psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, binds to receptors in the brain, but tinctures do not work that way. CBD or cannabidiol, two names for the same thing, contains none of the psychoactive effects of the marijuana plant. Instead, they derive from cold pressing hemp seeds. The process removes THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, the components that make people high.

Understanding the Need

The World Health Organization regards depression as the single most significant contributor to disability around the world, and anxiety disorders follow closely in sixth place. The option to use CBD from the hemp plant lets anyone who suffers from psychological pain find a way to avoid its devastating impacts on health and well-being, according to Healthline. Instead of getting treatment with pharmaceutical drugs that have numerous side effects, users can find a more peaceful and pleasant alternative. Experiencing drowsiness or its opposite effect of insomnia, headache, sexual dysfunction and agitation as side effects can mask the underlying condition by seeming to make it worse. An even more objectionable consequence may lie in the addictive qualities of medications like benzodiazepines that can lead to substance abuse. Users of the oil from the hemp plant do not such risks or danger.

The Huff Post cites research by a board-certified neurologist on CBD for mental health issues that show its similarity to anti-apprehension medications or antidepressants. A reviewer of scientific articles on cannabidiol, she confirmed the efficacy of the oil for issues that plague people who need an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. On-going research at Sao Paulo University in 2017 found that patients with social phobia experienced a decrease in anxiety, and other studies show evidence of clinical benefits.

Studies that use control groups have shown the differences between subjects who use a natural approach and those who do not. One test involved providing one group with a dose of CBD and another group with a placebo before each had to make a public speaking presentation. The participants who received the dosage performed with much less anxiety and discomfort, presenting tangible evidence of the effect of the natural ingredient.

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