PureKana Cbd Oil Review

PureKana Review (2019)

Who is PureKana? Let’s start there.

In this PureKana review I will give my personal experience with the product , good, bad or ugly.

PureKana CBD was founded in Scottsdale, Arizona. They source their hemp from Kentucky. PureKana uses a solvent free C02 extraction method, which as it sounds leaves out any of the bad stuff.

PureKana provides third-party lab testing for their oils by ProVerde Laboratories which is standard these days. These tests help a customer understand the if a company claims are valid and legitimate.

PureKana’s Products

PureKana sells CBD in different forms most of which are typical with one exception, they have CBD infused toothpicks! Sounds cool, is it? We shall find out.

These include:

CBD infused toothpicks

PureKana CBD Oil

PureKana’s CBD oil is full spectrum CBD oil containing less than .02% THC.

Full spectrum CBD is thought to work better than other variances of CBD oil, that is debatable.

PureKana’s CBD oil comes in three flavors, mint, vanilla and natural. All their oils come in 30ml sizes with three options for strength:

  1. 300mg
  2. 600mg
  3. 1000mg

PureKana CBD oil ingredients are: Hemp extract and MCT oil and natural flavorings.

How to Take PureKana CBD Oil

PureKana CBD oil has instructions on its bottles to help with dosing.

Users should always speak with their physician as well before starting any CBD regimen.

My PureKana CBD Oil Review

I began taking CBD because after having two children I had a lot of chronic pain as well as increasing anxiety.

PureKana was one of the first brands I came across when trying to find a CBD to try out.

I placed my PureKana order on their website and then I waited for it to arrive.

When my PureKana product arrived, I waited until he next morning to try it out for the first time.

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PureKana CBD Effects

Thinking nothing was going to happen from the oil – but at the same time being kind of scared since I had never tried a hemp product prior to this – I was shocked. 

Prior to taking the oil I had extreme brain fog from the anxiety, but after about 20 minutes, that fog had dissipated and was alleviated greatly. 

I was 99% myself again for the first time in a while. Much of the depression and anxiety was lifted. It had reduced my anxiety tremendously. It by no means took away the triggering anxious thoughts I was having, but it made the effects less severe.

The most amazing result of this was how my chronic back pain seemed to diminish. I have tried every remedy and medication in the book, CBD oil to relieve pain symptoms was not something I had yet considered. Let me tell you, that was a mistake.

I was so ecstatic that something finally worked! Two other wonderful things happened that night:

I gained my appetite back after my anxiety had caused me to not want to eat and I slept great for the first time in a while. I had been suffering from severe insomnia. 

Another benefit, which took me about a week to notice, was that my chronic headaches had gone away.

After taking CBD daily I have gone down from 2-3 headaches a week to now maybe only a couple a month, and I have to be doing something really stressful now in order to get a headache.

Overall, I spent a lot of time with Purekana’s CBD oil and every time I took it, it was consistent. To me, Purekana’s anti-anxiety effects were prominent.

It also worked well for insomnia, nausea and chronic headaches.

I forgot to mention that their price, while it seems a little high, is reasonable considering the type of high-quality oil they sell.

The price is pretty average in comparison with other CBD brands.

Purekana Full Spectrum CBD Oil Analysis









Headache management


Best For:

Anxietypain and inflammation



CBD studies on Diseases such as cancer, MS, autoimmune disorders are being published daily. CBD to treat cancer symptoms is becoming something medical professionals now look at as a more realistic option that they did years ago.

My Final Thoughts on PureKana

With all that mentioned, I can confidently say that you cannot go wrong when buying PureKana CBD oil. 

It worked great for me and its effects were very noticeable. Their CBD oil holds up to other brands I have tried and is one of my favorite brands of CBD. 

I would definitely give them a try and I hope you enjoyed my PureKana CBD Review.

PureKana gets my and Honest CBD Man’s seal of approval.

CBD you all later. 

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